3-D Printed Models

3D Printed ModelCaley Orthodontic Laboratory is at the leading edge of dental world’s digital industry.The traditional impression taking method is ending with the new technology of many new intra-oral scanners. Along with original plaster models, we are now capable of creating a physical model from your scanned digital impression right here in the digital department of our lab. On these new physical models, we can create any appliance you wish for. We are always keeping ahead of the new trends in technology at Caley Orthodontic Laboratory.

From your scanner, a .stl file is needed in creating a resin model from our Objet printer. You will need to export the .stl file and digitally upload it to our network via Easyrx, which is the simplest case submission system at your fingertips.

All digital cases are sent to us through our Easyrx system. If you are not signed up through this system, contact us to set up your login information, and you will be ready within minutes. This sophisticated, but yet simple system is such a great tool for communication as well.

iTero .stl Export PDF Download

33D Printed ModelInstructions:

  • Login to your Easyrx Account
  • Create your Patient & Prescription
  • Design your Appliance on the Workspace
  • Next, Click the Upload tab & drag your .stl files into the drop zone
    • (Your Files will automatically begin uploading)
  • Finish by Submitting your prescription
  • We will begin your case immediately!