Digital Study Models

Tired of Storing and Organizing Sets of Models on your shelves?
Let Caley Orthodontic Laboratory help…

Digital Study ModelWe can digitally archive ALL of your sets of Original, Progress, & Finished Cases,
in which you require, in an Economic or Fully Finished fashion.

Caley Orthodontic Laboratory welcomes you to the new generation of 3-D Orthodontics! We offer you the best quality and costs with all of our new digital model services. With us, you can send in impressions, models, or your intra-oral scans for us to fabricate digital study models in the customized preference to your liking. Once digitally made, we will store them on our network for you.

By downloading the free viewer and instruction manual below, you can use the software program to open and see all of your records for each individual patient whenever you wish to do so.

We can also print sets of your models with a Full, Minimal or Horseshoe base with a label.

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