Our Digital Lab

Caley’s offers a Premium Service Digital Orthodontic Laboratory…

Our Digital LabWelcome to our Easyrx System! Easyrx is a very, unique, revolutionary system allowing you to design and submit your patient’s particular case prescription directly online to us. This leading technology is putting Caley Orthodontic Laboratory at the front of any dental laboratory offering digital services. You will have the ability to use a full programming suite of designing tools to manage and create appliances completely online using our system.

You can also upload your inta-oral scanning files during this process to give us access to begin working on your case right away. This system allows you to click and drag parts onto your Rx’s custom canvas and modify them in ANY way you wish with the simple click of your mouse. This new system will define your cases more accurately and quicker. Once you have submitted your case through this new, paperless Rx. system, it is digitally sent to our network instantaneously.

You will also receive verification from us once received. When logging in, you can also use it as a tracking system from the original submission to the delivery date in which we are shipping it to you for all of your cases. Click on the video below to get a quick tutorial on how the system works.

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