Virtual Storage

Virtual StorageCaley Orthodontic Laboratory is excited to announce its new partnership with easyrx. This new system supports a very powerful but yet user-friendly virtual storage solution to help us and the Doctor communicate more effectively through each case. You now have the ability to click, drag, and drop images and files directly into a patients easyrx case. We will have the same ability, so we can upload our files and download your images or documents depending on the case. Through our system, you will be able to utilize our cloud network to access all of your images and files from any computer at any point in time.

The system will allow you to upload any type of file up to 20 mb and have associated certain file types to be represented by icons for easy identification of what type of file is stored in a patient’s prescription. You can upload .stl 3-D model files for easy access of our digital resin model printing as well as word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDF’s and zip files.