1. Doctor and Laboratory Communication: Communication is always available via Phone, Email, Text, BBM…Technical assistance in your custom design and fabrication of an Orthodontic appliance or preference is always available.
    2. Satisfaction Guaranteed:All orthodontic appliances and services are guaranteed to your satisfaction. All aplliances are guaranteed against breakage due to normal wear and tear pending your patient’s compliance.
    3. Study Models: Available Physically or Virtually with our free 3-D Viewer software if you do not want to store them yourself. Diagnostic set-ups can be done as well with various options.
    4. Pouring of Impressions:We will pour your impressions and place bands if needed for your appliances at no charge in a working model stone.
    5. Orthododontic Brackets: Brackets will be positioned directly to a cast. A clear vinyl, or an opaque template will be provided for indirect light curing or chemical cure bonding procedures at chairside. Bracket viewing prior to finalizing your product is available as well.
    6. Emergency / Rush Appliance Construction: A pre-booked warning can be arranged to coincide with your schedule.
    7. Pick-up & Delivery:Pick-ups and deliveries through us at Caley’s or our courier service options are all available at no charge.
    8. Band Fitting: Indirect band fitting available to any tooth with or without buccal or lingual attachments to a cast.
    9. Athletic Sportsguards:We are committed to providing economical sportsguards to our patients for educational awareness, dental protection, and concussion prevention. Available in several colours and options.
    10. Orthodontic Sample Appliances:Discussed and constructed as required for your office presentations to your patients.
    11. Custom Colour Chart:Many custom colour combinations availalbe as well as any sticker, logo, sparkles, and your own custom ideas can be created.
    12. Teeth whitening: Bleaching (Nite-Wash System) trays available.
    13. Caley Laboratory Tours:Come in to visit us at any time to see the action. Watch your custom appliance go through it fabrication process. Anytime!
    14. Orthodontic supplies and sundries:Quantities of whatever as you need.
    15. Dental Golf Tournament Attendance:We support and sponsor your local dental society’s functions.


Cover the transition of Doctor’s retainers from prior lab as if they were our own.

  • Fix broken wire clasping / broken acrylic / solder joint repair for no charge.
  • Refit old appliances to new cast due to patient neglect for a minimal charge.