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Designed for your lifestyle, removable and discreet enough that no one will notice you’re wearing them.

Ask your doctor if Simply Clear is right for you.

All of our aligners are made in Canada by a licensed professional dental technician.


Simply Clear is an enhanced digital aligner system fabricated by Caley Orthodontic Laboratory. A digital tooth alignment system using a model, impression, or an intraoral scan. Providing one of these various options, we will digitally archive and align teeth to the desired location to provide great results. 


The set-up can be done and checked by your office and conveyed to the patient of interest prior to fabrication of the aligner system with a free 3-D software system provided to you for downloading. Given with the set-up will be a treatment plan to follow as well as a quote for the number of aligners needed for the particular case.

Depending on the case, attachments may need to be placed in aid of making the proper movement. These attachments can be easily seen on the free software viewer as well. A separate aligner will be fabricated labeled as your template to place these attachments with tooth shade composite light cure material. You will fill the bubble completely and prepare the tooth by acid etching. Once cured, you will peel the retainer out, and your attachments will be in place.

Once approved by you and your patient, Caley Orthodontic Laboratory will fabricate the series of aligners in stages of 5 and forward the product to you labeled with the appropriate information such as the patient’s name and number of aligner. Each aligner is made with the finest, new, state of the art Zendura material. The material is only 0.030 inches (0.75 mm.) thick. This new, state of the art material has proven itself to the entire dental industry as the best with its fit, durability, flex, comfort and stain resistance.

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